Rocamadour – extract from ‘les merveilles de France’

“This small town with a great name, strange, paradoxical, born from faith, is from a distant past. At the beginning of our era, Zacchaeus the Publican, a disciple of Christ, is said to to have laid its first foundations.

In the course of time, thanks to miracles, its fame increased and reached the limits of Christianity, Saints, Kings and Princes of France, England, Portugal, etc., high and mighty lords, entire crowds came to piously pray Our Lady Madonna, whose pure and gentle face has been blackened by the years.

Divided into three fortified parts: Castle, Sanctuary and village, Rocamadour has nevertheless suffered from time and men; wars were not kind. However the small city, the “high place with the Spirit ,” has survived.

Rocamadour in all its glory

The medieval city, planted on a steep cliff overlooking the Alzou valley.

As always, the valley lays at the bottom of the gaping crevasse created by the Alzou, with a 150 meters steep and overhanging rock face , its jumble of towers, brown or russet houses, gray churches with simple lines, all the more surprising from its seemingly vertical ensemble, from which appears a niche, an arrowslit, a medieval gate.

Its pilgrimage is famous. Its attraction for tourists is reknown. To see this site at any time is to feel and keep a sense of unforgettable beauty, like nothing ever seen before.

Located midway between of two neighboring underground splendors, it is a feast for the day and for the sun taking place on the plateau and the surprising result of the work of men.

In this little corner of Quercy, so named by Elisée Reclus “Land of Wonders” the “trilogy” is happening , diverse and beautiful, Lacave caves, Rocamadour, the Padirac chasm, the second most visited site in France is not its lesser radiant jewel. ”

extract of
Les Grottes de Lacave
Collection Les Merveilles de France
Editions Braun & Cie

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