Rocamadour Hot Air Balloon Festival

Week End Program :

Saturday September 26th

8 am : hot air balloons take off

3.30 pm : air show  performed by the French Ar Force

4 pm : air show by La Patrouille de France

from 5 pm onward : hot air balloons take off


Sunday September 27th

8 am : hot air balloons take off

from 8 am till 5 pm : car boot sale (route du Château)

4 pm : air show by La Patrouille de France

from 5 pm onward : hot air balloons take off


“Festival de Rocamadour – Sacred Music”

10ème Festival de Rocamadour
From August 5th to August 26th 2015

Venues :
Rocamadour (Basilique, parvis, Cité médiévale), Gouffre de Padirac

Informations and reservation
Office de Tourisme Vallée de la Dordogne – Rocamadour – Padirac
Tel : 05 65 33 22 00
Mail :

Tariff : 5 to 30 €
Memberships : jusqu’à – 40%
Discounts : children

“Festival Souillac en jazz”

Festival Souillac en jazz
Date : 19th to 26th July
Tel : 05 65 37 81 56

Program :

In memory of Rodrigo, Rohic, Cazals, Calvel, Bailles, Copans, Bousquet,
Stephant …

Size XL for the 40th Souillac Jazz Festival!

In 1976 the Jazz Festival wrote its first score in which local musicians, French
musicians and Afro-American musicians were invited to perform in the first edition.
Memphis Slim was one of the pillars of blues music while Marie Knight epitomised
gospel songs. The Swing Machine Big Band, a regional orchestra, stood for
everything that was considered to be the golden age of jazz.

From 1976 to 2015 the Festival has always kept apace with the infinite variations of
jazz and has always been receptive to innovating musicians, to the rare gem and to
new emotions.

In 2015 the Swing Machine Big Band returns to Souillac for a special “40th
anniversary” concert and is inviting Sara Lazarus to perform with it. The American
singer will pay tribute in particular to Billie Holiday whose centenary is being
celebrated this year.

You will discover young and talented female musicians in the person of Lisa CatBerro,
who was dubbed a “revelation” in the 2013 Jazz Victories event and Isabelle
Olivier, who has ushered the harp into temple of jazz.

The sun will reach its zenith in Souillac and Sun Ra will shine through the music of
Thomas de Pourquery and his Supersonic band, who won the Jazz Victories
award in 2014. The music the poet composed was a true delight which permeates
the history of jazz. Come and bathe in the sunlight and recharge your batteries in this
voyage through the universe of jazz.

The Festival has always been on the lookout for new talent and the pianist Jerry
Leonide is a musician who deserves to be better known. A prize winner at the
Montreux Jazz Festival, his jazz is coloured with the sound of chants from his native
country, Mauritius. The evening will continue with a performance by one of France’s
elite jazz groups – the Moutin Factory Quintet, a driving force in the world of jazz.
The players are exceptional and include the young pianist Thomas Enhco, winner of
the Jazz Victories award in 2014, Manu Codjia, a guitarist who has in the past been
given an enthusiastic reception in Souillac, and the effervescent saxophonist
Christophe Monniot.

Kenny Garrett, nominated in the 2014 Grammy Awards, is honouring us with his
presence in this special anniversary year and will symbolise the main theme of the
Souillac Jazz Festival, starting with the swing of the Duke Ellington Orchestra and
progressing towards Miles Davis, taking in Art Blakey on the way. Souillac is
reconnecting with the Afro-American dimension of jazz.

2015 will provide an opportunity to pay tribute to all the Festival’s volunteers and
partners from both the public and private sectors who have worked for it for 40 years
and without whom the Souillac Jazz Festival would not be what it is today.
The 40th edition of the Festival has been written across the lines of a long
score, as long as the endless expanse of jazz, a score which transcends
geographical and temporal boundaries, a vintage to be savoured to the full!

Robert Peyrillou, President

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Informations et réservations au: + 33 (0) 5 65 41 65 08

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