Sightseeing in Lacave : le Moulin de Cougnaguet

The mill was built in the fourteenth century by the monks from a Cistercian abbey  settled in Les Alix, located two kilometers away from Rocamadour.

The construction started in 1292 and lasted just over fifty years. It was finally completed  by the monks  in 1350.


In July 19, 1778, the monks sold the building which became a private property. The mill then became a scheduled historical monument in 1925 and was operated until 1959.


The  mill is  directly built over  “The Ouysse”, a river which starts its life as an underground stream  to then follow an eleven  kilometers journey before meeting  the Dordogne. The weir of the mill  is about 1.600 km long and six meters thick.

The original arched front door has been walled up. It was reached by a ford the tiles of which may still be spotted under the water. In these troubled times of famine and  looting, the monks who lived there had got themselves some very strong defences.

All they needed to do was to close the door and open the four valves inside the mill, thereby causing a large flow of water to drown the potential aggressors  crossing the ford.


The mill is equipped with four wheels weighing about 1.5 tons, each  enclosed in a wooden framework through which up to three tons of grain a day were grounded into flour.



Installation of a newly carved mill stone  – 2008.

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