Art exhibition in the Chateau de la Treyne’s chapel, Lacave, from july 8th to august 31st

From july 8th to august 31st, you can go and see Laure Costeau’s work which is currently housed in the grounds of the Chateau de la Treyne, inside the chapel. If you feel like it,  afterwards you can  enjoy an afternoon coffee on the terrace overlooking the Dordogne river.

Presentation of the exhibition :
After 12 years  of experience in textile design of which one year was spent in New York,  the artist  started painting in 2007. Inspired by nature, a nature which transmits a lot of emotions, she developed through her paintings a sensory universe which leads to evasion and daydreaming. For the artist, painting is a constant search, made of amazing discoveries  and serendipity. In her paintings, she works with simplicity, purity and spontaneity.  The techniques employed are using  oil paint and more recently ink.


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